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Just In: APC Accepts Outcome Of Anambra Election, Orders Andy Uba Not To Proceed To Court




TRIXX NG reports that the all progressive congress (APC) in south east have accepted the outcome of Anambra governorship election while urging its candidate, Andy Uba not to battle the outcome in court.

In a statement signed by the South east coordinator for igbo presidency, it was noted that Andy Uba will only waste resources if he goes ahead to the court because he went into the election with different kinds of indictment and court case.

Read statement below



They have duped you enough. Don’t allow them to dupe you again by deceiving you that the Supreme Court would give you victory even if Justice Mary Odili did not make Chief Justice of Nigeria.


Unlike some people, we actually think you did far more for APC in the 2021 governorship election than any other person could have done as governorship candidate. So, you really don’t need to go any extra mile to prove yourself to anyone.


If those urging you to go to court truly love you, they would arrange a Ministerial appointment or another top government appointment for you after your gallant and respectable showing that placed you at No. 3 in the election result roll call. You need rest and should not allow anyone to use you to destabilize any part of the South-East and even Nigerian democracy itself.


What has since become apparent is that some individuals from far-flung places have somehow emerged from their localities to cause nuisance and commotion to Nigeria’s corporate existence.


And they quite revel in and obviously enjoy the notoriety of their troublemaking and troubleshooting. You, Senator Dr Andy Uba, former Governor of Anambra State, don’t belong among those village rascals made good.


We should not have to remind you that you went into the 2021 governorship election with at least one court case by one who contested against you in the highly contentious and derided primary.


And that there are a few other cases bordering on issues of educational qualifications, forgeries, and even personal identity.


You challenging the outcome of the governorship election – after virtually all your opponents in the general election have accepted the INEC pronouncements on it – will not be as simple as some people might have painted the picture to you.


If people were prepared to empathize with you and give you benefit of doubt before, because you are generally perceived to be a quiet gentleman, going to court to challenge the victory of Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo (“Charlie nwa Mgbafor”) of APGA would pitch you against all Anambra and against commonsense.


Yes, everyone is free to exercise their constitutional and democratic right of approaching the court on anything, but sensible people use their tongue to count their teeth. People should patronise the courts and even lawyers reasonably.


Please, our brother, retain what remains of your self-respect and the love of your people. Do not lose them to the machinations of village touts made good, people who should not operate on the national stage but who, having somehow found themselves there, think that being notorious is the only way for them to justify their current positions.


By the way, as you know, we are APC like you. In fact, that is why we feel so much concerned that our brother and party man is being misled by dangerous crooks who only want to take advantage of him.


Going to court won’t do you nor South-East APC any good. What will help our party in Anambra State and the South-East is for you to channel your resources and energy in promotion of our quest for emergence of President of Nigeria of South-East extraction. That would so much grow APC in the South-East that our party would start winning elections on merit in our geopolitical zone.


Don’t waste your resources and energy in an ill-advised court case that would reduce you to nothing in the eyes of Ndi-Anambra, Ndi-Igbo and moral Nigeria.


Chinedu Jideofo-Ogbuagu,

National Coordinator,

South-East APC Presidency Project 2023.




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