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JUST IN: Niger Republic Military ‘Pursues’ Tinubu’s Aircraft, Threatens To Shoot It Down




TRIXX NG reports that the military leaders in Niger Republic elongated President Tinubu’s trip to Nigeria yesterday after they disallowed his aircraft from flying in their airspace.

The aircraft conveying Tinubu who was just returning from the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) had gotten into their airspace before they were ‘pursued’ out of it or risk getting shot down.

This revelation was made by popular investigative journalist, David Hundeyin, who provided proofs to back up his claims.

According to Hundeyin, Tinubu was stuck in Algeria after the refusal of Niger’s junta to allow his aircraft fly.

”My aviation source tells me that the reason NAF 001 with Bola Tinubu onboard spent so many hours in Algeria where it appeared to be stuck is that Niger refused permission for Tinubu to fly through Nigèrien airspace and threatened to shoot his plane out of the sky if he dared. NAF 001 subsequently had to stop in Algeria to plot a new flight route to Abuja. They tried to cut through the southwestern tip of Niger, but they have just been forced to leave Nigèrien airspace! They’ve just entered Burkina Faso! Drama in West Africa’s skies!”

”The aircraft’s current course remains unclear after suddenly abandoning its southeasterly course to Abuja and bailing out of Nigèrien airspace. Aircraft appears to be heading for Ghanaian airspace. Aircraft still at 40,000 feet at cruising speed and shows no sign of descending.”

”NAF 001 has now turned southeast and is heading toward Abuja via Togo and Benin immediately after getting into Ghanaian airspace! Nigeria’s president has officially been chased out of unfriendly neighbouring skies like a rat! Amazing scenes!”

”NAF 001 is back in Nigerian airspace and is on final approach to Abuja with Nigeria’s president onboard after being chased out of that great big swathe of Nigèrien airspace and made to cut through Ghana, Togo and Benin like a fugitive. Scenes, Jeff!”



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