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Kayode Petinrin vs Citizen Sola: The True Story 



Kayode Petinrin



Former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin, is a man many have described as forthright, astute, honest, a rigid, no nonsense soldier. One who maintained zero tolerance for corruption all through his career and service to the nation.

It will be recalled that Air Marshal Petinrin was the only Service Chief whose name was not on the roll call of alleged rogue heads of service, when President Buhari assumed power and went after corrupt Generals.

Air Marshal Petinrin had a glorious retirement parade, an honourable church service and low key but classy party organized by his lovely beautiful wife, as he went back home with his shoulders held high, beaming with pride. Nigeria and Nigerians were indeed very proud and wished this great son of the soil a peaceful and fruitful retirement. However, that is not to be as it seems being honest and on the right side of the law is not enough in a land as ours, filled with rogues and vindictive dark heads who try to drown the good people among us and pull them down by all means. Some call it the Nigerian syndrome but thankfully, there’s no where darkness overcomes light.

I have taken special interest in the case of Kayode Petinrin and one Sola which made headlines a few days back because of the sterling and exemplary life of his father, Air Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin (rtd).

After reading the first published story by the Punch Newspaper which raised more questions than answers, titled: The Unfair Public Trial of Kayode Petinrin (link below)

I am forced to ask, is Kayode Petinrin the target or is it his father who’s being put on trial?

From the first published report, it is glaring that the newspaper did not give the subject right of reply before rushing to publish.

This is very bad journalism, where a story is told, all skewed to fit a certain narrative and published without hearing the other side, moreso with the name of a father and a royal father who were not part of the whole event taking center stage.

Air Marshal Petinrin and Oba Elegushi were names dropped but no one ever bothered to reach them…they made the headline sell. Simple. That aside, the career of a young officer in the Navy was put on trial without giving him right of reply, gaggling a man to a corner, with his hands tied without giving him a chance to defend himself.

It is disheartening that journalism has gotten to that sunken hole, however, it is pleasing to know that the publication did publish  Kayode Petinrin’s side of  the story after he sent it to them but again, they did not tell the whole story as it was narrated by him.

Note: They did not reach out to him.

Fortunately, I have obtained detailed copy of his statement sent to the newspaper and I hope everyone reading this would internalise the content with an open mind.

Find Kayode’s Narration of the Incident below:


“The Story given to the Punch by Mr Sola (hiding his last name) concerning the incident that occurred on Tuesday morning 6th December 2022 are full of false information. Consequently, I commend the Punch for listening to my version.

On Tuesday morning 6th December 2022, I left the hospital with a cannula sticking out of my right arm as I was to go back for more treatment in the evening having   been diagnosed with Pneumonia and Malaria. I was in plain clothes and not in uniform driving on the marina road when I was hit from the rear by a motorist in a BMW,  I looked in my side mirror and I could see my bumper had pulled out.

I was too fatigued to start any altercation so I just kept on driving. Getting to the traffic light A man I later identified as Mr Sola who claimed to be a relative to Oba Elegushi began to bang on my car and people began to gather, he kept asking me why I stopped in his front suddenly that I had made him damage his car. He also claimed the car was on its way for blessing at the Oba’s palace by the Oba himself. I was a bit alarmed and refused to open my door as I am aware people use this tactic to rob in lagos.

I waited inside my car to avoid any scuffle because of my health condition. The crowd eventually attracted some policemen who came and diffused the matter at the scene telling him he hit me from the rear so he had no case and asked me to go. The picture of his car which he put in the punch News paper shows damage to the front while my car show’s damage at the rear confirming he hit me from the rear. So, I drove off thinking that was the end of the matter.

I was surprised when I saw in my rear view the same car following me in a manner that was dangerous to other road users. He kept attempting to run me off the road and followed too closely. When I got home he parked outside and was later reinforced by two policemen when I met them they said they had come from the Oba Elegushi’s palace. I showed them the damage to my car. They also pleaded with me and with him but he insisted that he couldn’t let the case go.

He later returned with Military Police from Nigerian Army 81 Div Garrison with one Sgt Adams and 4 others including Men from the Maroko Police Station.

Again I took the men into my compound and showed them my car and explained that he hit me from the rear. As soon as they saw the location of the impact they apologized to me and told me to have a good night.

SGT Adams can be contacted to confirm my statement .

Mr Sola got very bitter and kept promising to take it to the law which I asked him to do as it was his constitutional right.

In the Punch report it was claimed that I beat him up however, My health condition clearly wouldn’t allow this as I couldn’t exert myself physically in such a manner. The picture showing injured lips was photoshopped so that the face of the owner of the lips was not visible.

On seeing the punch publication I went to the DPO Maroko to find out if he tried to arrest me at any time which he denied. He claimed he never at any time tried to arrest me as it is a civil case.

The DPO Maroko can be contacted to confirm my statement.

The comments made by the Navy PRO are shocking for two reasons Firstly, I was never contacted by him to give my version of the story. Secondly, comments about the discipline, promotion and other personal information concerning Navy personnel are supposed to be Strictly Confidential and definitely not meant for the pages of a National Newspaper.”

In my first piece on this matter, I wondered why the wound displayed in the Punch was not fresh and was curious to know why the alleged ‘victim’ hadn’t used a smart phone to snap the gashed lip when it was still bloody or even record it on video.

I also wondered why the PRO was quick to disclose official information and condemn a personel even before investigations, something that is alien to the armed forces and even the police!

What really is amiss? Is this young man’s  life safe? Could there be a bigger picture involved rather than the usual Lagos traffic skirmish?

More importantly, who is on trial here, Kayode Petinrin or the upright Oluseyi Petinrin who served his country with honour, might and dignity?

Would it be wrong to ask the question; “Is someone out for Kayode Petinrin because of his father’s reputation of being incorruptible?




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