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Kogi Election: Why PDP’s Dino Melaye Will Not Win, May Come Distant Third



Dino Melaye

The indigenes of Kogi state will be going to the polls in a few weeks time to elect a new governor to succeed Yahaya Bello whose tenure is coming to an end.

Before now, the election has always been between the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the People Democratic Party but a twist may occur in the election for this period. Two political parties ; SDP and ADC have appeared to also be strong contenders for the seat of the governor in Kogi state.

It’s a little bit surprising that the other political parties are contending strongly for the seat but what’s more surprising is PDP’s weak campaign so far. PDP used to be the second party after APC in the state even in terms of campaign but at the moment, PDP is almost nowhere to be found.

This was not expected especially because the party’s candidate, Dino Melaye is a popular person in the political atmosphere of Nigeria. He has served as a senator and during his reign, he was known as a strong man who tormented every oppressor in the house. He is also known for his self-composed dramatic songs which he dedicates to his political enemies, his stylish cars and several other dramatic phenomena.

Dino Melaye who was contested for the seat of governorship in Kogi state is perceived as one who has the experience, sagacity, strength, toughness to battle APC’s candidate, Usman Ododo but sadly, he seems to be crippled in the fight against the ruling party in Kogi state.

This can be described as a great misfortune because even the other parties that were not known appear stronger and prepared than Dino Melaye in preparation for the governorship election.

Who Is To Be Blamed?

While PDP may have its share of the blame, Senator Dino Melaye has the largest share in all of these because he has been accused severally by the party’s chieftain of running a one-man show in the campaign.

The accusation of running a one-man show can be confirmed to be true on account of Dino Melaye’s activities since he started the campaign. There has been no serious or formal flag-off of the campaign, the campaign council created has not been active and it appears Dino does all the job by himself.

The media is an important part of any campaign but on this, it’s not evident that the PDP and its candidate has any media team running effective and efficient narratives for them in order to even be visible  and probably be voted for in the election.

There is no structure, no fundraising, no activation other than some very minute activities the candidate shares on his X (formerly twitter) account, how does one win an election by doing all these alone?

The APC, despite being the party in power, has done several flag-offs at different locations across Kogi state , the media exposure has been massive and there is only one thing that everyone can say about APC; They want to win by all means. The party is giving in all it takes and requires to win the election, what then is wrong with PDP and Dino Melaye?

The candidates of SDP and ADC are doing all they can to measure up but for PDP and Dino Melaye, they keep going down. If elections are conducted today, APC surely will win while SPD or ADC will take the second position.

Except Dino Melaye immediately fights for a better position at the polls, He will definitely not win but will come distant third.