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The distinction between rulers and leaders is important to understand since it is critical to comprehending modern society’s underlying issues, immorality and the burning desire by modern educated youths to move forward with accelerated speed.

Force isn’t required for good ideas. If leaders were truly out to helping us, they would not need to employ force or impose their will on us in the way that only rulers do. They would serve us if they were leaders, and we may refuse such service at any time and at will.

A Leader is someone who inspires passion and motivation in followers. A leader is someone with a vision and the path to realizing it. A leader is someone who ensures their team has support and tools to achieve their goals. A leader leads by example, setting the pace for constant Movement Forward. Great Leaders inspire CHANGE.

Throughout mankind’s history, majority of People have resented and feared change. During CHANGE, certain people lose control over their “traditional” tuff and roles. The larger the change, the more they are going to feel like the change is being done against them. No one likes feeling powerless. Many lofty and inspiring ideas have been fought to death by “Stakeholders” who prefer to entrench the status quo and hold sway.

Such is the magnitude of the challenges Governor Agbu Kefas is confronting, besides remnants of the old brigade who are still confused about where their loyalty lies exactly between service and stomach. The challenges becomes more magnified when you realise that the only business in Taraba State is Government business.

In other to truly liberate the state from the shackles of stagnation, underdevelopment and wanton mismanagement of resources, CHANGE ADVOCATES, particularly the Youths whom so much has been given by Governor Agbu Kefas’s administration, must bravely demonstrate capacity to stare the state in the direction the Young Governor has placed it.

The Cardinal policy and principles of the Agbu Kefas’s government is to eliminate the MIDDLEMAN mentality where certain individuals claimed to stand in for their rural folks, then corners resources meant for their own people and invest such faraway from where anyone can see, and quickly return back for another.

Governor Agbu Kefas is laying the foundation for an enduring rock solid edifice where loyalty will sprout organically from bottom up, not from top to bottom. The policy aims to hand over power and resources back to people themselves through massive Agricultural investments, Power through aggressive electrification of the entire state which have only 7 local government areas connected to National power grid. The job has since commenced.

Security is being gradually tackled with his visit to the Defence Headquarters which have sent criminal gangs in the state scampering for their dear lives into the nearest tall grasses and fleeing to other neighbouring states. Kidnapping for ransom around Jalingo the state capital, and other areas which has been a daily occurrence in the last 8 years has gone down by a remarkable record 98%.

Salary crisis that grounded the state in the last 8 years and sent many to their untimely graves has been reduced by 90%, it would have been 100% if it were not because of the state’s senior Civil servant’s deep love affair with GHOSTS. State civil servants who are actually GHOSTS have continued to enjoy lavish treatment at the detriment of hard working humans everywhere you go in Taraba State.

Tourism is being repositioned with the recently concluded World Tourism Festival in famous Gashaka. Climate change and reforestation programmes have kick-started in earnest after years of complete deforestation of the state’s entire woodland with no single kobo into the state government’s coffers.

A deliberate program has been drawn up in the Solid Minerals mining sector where Indigenous People on who’s land Minerals are being exploited shall be licensed to become full participants in revenue sharing with government to develop their land. Restructuring in Trade and Industry Ministry has catapulted the state to a prime top position in the country as one of the few states with ease of doing.

The Distinctive Free Education Policy is not only the game changer but aims to eradicate illiteracy to the barest minimum in not distant future. Despite all this, Governor Agbu Kefas is always on the move exploring opportunities in all corners of Nigeria and around the world to improve Taraba. A restless workaholic Leader indeed.

Bako Benjamin is a Community Leader, Businessman, Rights Activist, Public Affairs Analyst, Freelance Journalist and Supporter of His Excellency Governor Agbu Kefas. He whites from Lagos

To be continued……