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Light Up your Child’s Breakfasts During Christmas




Calling on all Smart Mums and Dads!


A child’s development commences from the early years of life and offers an amazing window of opportunity to ensure they grow up to be healthy, strong and smart adults. Nutrition is a critical factor that impacts a child’s growth and development during these years. Nutrition help shapes pivotal aspects of your child’s overall wellbeing – such as physical growth, cognitive development, immunity and maturation of internal organs. Incorporating age appropriate nutrition is a fundamental part of meeting the nutritional needs of your  child.


Did you know that age specific foods can enhance your child’s development by supporting to provide the necessary nourishment they need for their growth stage at each age? Remember that your children are not “miniature adults” and the nutritional approaches for a child is different, starting from breakfast.


Breakfast is often referred to as “the most important meal of the day” for children and there are good reasons for that. Besides being a great time for the family to bond, breakfast time can help kick start your child’s metabolism after 8-10 hours of intestinal inactivity due to sleep. Breakfast  gives your child’s body the fuel needed for them to soar through the day! Children who eat great breakfasts regularly, have been found to be more energetic, maintain a healthy body weight, and be overall healthier than their counterparts who don’t. Eating breakfast also aids your child’s attention, concentration and memory spans – all of which are very important for excellent performance in life.


To help your child build the right foundation incorporate nutritious age specific foods into your child’s breakfast. For example, adding age appropriate milk like Peak 456 Growing Up Milk to your child’s pap, oatmeal, cereal, custard or pancakes, gives them the DHA advantage.


The award-winning Peak 456 Growing Up Milk is specially made to meet your 4-6 years old nutritional requirement. Peak 456 Growing up Milk is not only fortified with DHA, an omega fatty acid that supports brain development but also contains other vital nutrients such as high quality protein, calcium and vitamin D for physical growth.


This holiday season, you can give your children an advantage by giving them  breakfast plus  Peak 456 Growing Up Milk! At Peak 456 Growing Up milk we understand that the festive period is all about sharing love, happiness and nourishment! That’s why we launched the Peak 456 Christmas challenge, a chance for you to share your child’s favorite breakfast recipes with the world.


To participate in the Peak 456 Christmas challenge, all you have to do is to create a video with your child showing their favorite breakfast recipe using Peak 456 Growing Up Milk, upload the video on Instagram, tag @peak456_milk using the hashtags #XmasBreakfastplusPeak456 and you can get a goody bag! Jump on the wagon and help your child grow up strong and smart with Peak 456 Growing Up Milk!





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