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Man Cries Out After Discovering Strange Particles Inside Chivita Juice (VIDEO)



Chivita Juice


TRIXX NG reports that an X (formerly twitter) user has cried out following the discovery of strange particles inside a Chivita Juice pack by his girlfriend who purchased it.

In a post on the microblogging platform, He revealed that his girlfriend noticed a weird taste while drinking the pack and when she tried to check further what is causing the taste, she was shocked to see the particles.

‘’Yesterday my girlfriend bought a @Chivitajuices pack and half way drinking it she noticed a weird taste and also lot of particles inside, at first she thought maybe the cup was not neatly rinsed but out of curiosity she decided to pour out all in a cup.’’

‘’After doing that she noticed something was inside( very weird looking) then called my attention, that was when i used the scissors to cut open the pack and behold this is what we found inside’’