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Man Cries Out As Son Falls Victim Of Human Trafficking, Risks Kidney Loss





A Nigerian man, Mr. Isiaka Saddu, a resident of Baboko Area in Ilorin, Kwara state has cried out after his son fell victim of human trafficking in the hands of one Mr. Olaniyan Abdulgafar  who is threatening to kill him over his inability to pay €55,000 for his Son’s Abdulmalik  Saddu disappearance from their custody in France.

According to our correspondent who spoke with the father Mr.Isiaka Saddu a 53 years old man, He explained that Mr. Abdugafar Olaniyan promised to help his son travel to Paris in France to secure a job for his but to his surprise, He has been receiving threats from the suspected trafficker.

“I knew Mr.  Abdugafar Olaniyan around March 2022 through a  friend who said  he wish to help my Son Abdulmaleek to travel   to Paris France where he will  secure a job for him as  a supermarket attendant.

‘’With so many promises, I was very excited, as i told  my Son  to follow him to his base in Ajah Lagos where  he later changed my son’s name to Olaniyan Abdulmaleek in his International passport.  He told me that he changed my son’s name to get him an easy visa to Europe, i agreed to his request because I knew it will improve our poverty condition in the family, he later  gave me 100,000 naira and  gave me a paper to sign and around December 2022 my son travelled to Paris but since then I have not heard from him only for Mr Olaniyan Abdulgafar to call me last year January threatening me up till now with calls and messages that i should refund him 10,000€ he spent on my son travelling package. He also alleged that my son disappeared with their 50,000€ and that all their effort to locate my son proved abortive.’’

Mr. Isiaka Saddu also said since December 2022 when he saw his son Abdulmaleek at Lagos Airport he has not heard from him not until recently when he called to inform me of Mr.Abdulgafar’s Mission he said they alleged that he stole his money threatening to kill him if the said 55,000€ is not paid.

Our correspondent gathered that Abdulmaleek Was trafficked to Paris for kidney harvest but he escaped from the custody of his traffickers and ran to Germany to seek Asylum our effort to speak with Mr. Abdugafar proved abortive as his telephone number Was Switches off.

It will be recalled that a part of a large network of Nigerian human traffickers was uncovered recently in Lagos by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP)The gangs are very well connected. This is what makes it so easy for them to act internationally. They have plenty of experts for forging documents, credit cards and airline tickets; in addition to knowing quite a few smugglers in Lagos and Benin in Edo state. The women are first lured in with false promises and then smuggled into Europe.After having finally arrived in their various destinations, the women then have to work off their debts in prostitution. When a woman escapes, pictures are sent to many, if not all, contacts to find her. Their families are then either threatened by violence and/or actually harmed. Men are trafficked also in modern day slavery.

A similar occurrence happened in the United Kingdom sometime in 2022  where a Nigerian Senator trafficked a young Nigerian to London for kidney harvesting. The case is still in court in London, a human trafficking for sexual purposes has become one of the most profitable violations of human rights. There are an estimated 40 million victims of human trafficking, 71% of whom are women. One of the countries with the highest number  of victims of sex trafficking is Nigeria. Most Nigerian women leave their homes in hopes of a better future, but in reality become victims of a very organized and sophisticated net of human trafficking and sexual slavery.