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Matawalle Marching order to Military yielding results, Villagers confessed to BBC Hausa .




Following an order given to the Military by the Hon. Minister of state for defence Bello Mohammed Matawalle to take the war to bandits enclave not until when they attack, A Jounalist Manir Sani who is monitoring the military aggressive against bandits has confessed to BBC Hausa service this morning that , ” the Honourable Minister of State Bello Mohammed Matawalle is making progress especially in Katsina Zamfara and Niger State.

Munir Sani furthered said that, the Military have succeeded in neutralizing the most dangerous bandits leader Kachallah Ali kawaje who is believed to have controlling 3 States with 270 followers.

” I can tell you that Military are taking war to bandits doorsteps not waiting for the bandit to attack before repelling as directed by the defence Ministry, Munir Sani ajournalist who is monitoring the Military agrresive against bandits confessed to BBC Hausa service this morning.

When contacted a Colonel participating in the assaults against bandits who declined to mention his name, ” Said that ,” Yes it’s true , we are the one attacking them day and night as directed by the Honourable Minister Bello Matawalle last week and we are applying our professional conduct in avoiding civilian Casualties, added that,” all we need from Nigerian is prayers but I can assure you that base on the motivation our men and officers are getting from the Ministry, insecurity will be a thing of a past as promised by Honorable Minister of State for Defence Bello Mohammed Matawalle last week,” a no nonsense lookin infantry Colenel said to our reporter.