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Melody FM Launches, Begins Operation On December 1



Melody FM


A new radio station, Melody FM 107.7 has launched and is set to begin full operation tomorrow Friday, 1st of December, 2023 In Lagos.

Owned by popular Nigerian prophet, Samuel Ojo (Baba Authority), Melody FM comes with a breath of fresh air for Lagosians with its core values of entertainment, education, information, to mention a few.

During a press briefing held at the station’s premises in Lagos yesterday, the management revealed that Melody FM has a vision to cover every south west state and that the station is currently being set up in other states apart from Lagos.

When asked about his reason for opening a radio station, Prophet Sam Ojo revealed that his ministry is related to the media because he gives information to people. He explained that Nigerians don’t have enough information yet and Melody FM is aimed at bridging the information gaps.

Continuing, He noted that the radio has helped his ministry’s growth and that media is a powerful tool in creating happiness, therefore, He sees investing in the media as more of service to the people which is in line with his ministry.

‘’ Being a pastor, as a speaker,I am a media person because the meaning of media is to give people news, internet and explain things to people. We are not only preaching, we preach society. We talk to government and everyone.’’

‘’When you look at what is going on in our society, you will see we need more information for family, children, environment, church and religion. We need to get across to people.’’

‘’God gave me a vision to start preaching on radio everyday and I see how radio has helped our ministry. It’s about reaching out to people not even money. Media is in my blood.’’

He stated that there will be programmes on business training, marriage counseling, music, etc on Melody FM but all will be channeled towards entertainment in order to take away sorrow from people’s heart and change their mindset.

‘’Melody is about taking sorrow away from people’s hearts. We are focusing on entertainment to help people. We want to change the mindset of people because it’s so polluted. There will be business training, music, marriage counseling on melody FM.’’

Furthermore, Prophet Sam Ojo explained that Melody FM isn’t a religious radio station and won’t feature his programmes because it’s all about entertainment.

‘’Melody FM isn’t for Christians, we just want to make people happy. I don’t have any programme on this radio station, it is not for ministry; it is strictly entertainment’’.