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Nasarawa: All Primate Ayodele Said About PDP’s David Ombugadu’s Victory That Came To Pass



There are so many unique things about Primate Elijah Ayodele’s ministry but one prominent thing is that his words or prophecies may not come to pass at the time you want them to but surely, they will come to pass.

There are several instances to substantiate this claim and the most recent of them is the election tribunal victory of PDP governorship candidate in Nasarawa, Hon. David Ombugadu. The election tribunal sacked the incumbent governor of the state, Abdulahi Sule and declared Ombugadu as the duly elected governor of the state.

In one of the videos shared on his tiktok account before the March 18 governorship election, Primate Ayodele mentioned some states where election will be held and among them was Nasarawa. Others were Kaduna and Abia.

Primate Ayodele in this particular video dwelt on Nasarawa governorship election and mentioned that the candidate of the PDP has all it takes to win the election BUT the ruling party (APC) will try to rig him out of the election. He further stated that APC will turn the election upside down against the PDP candidate.

Primate Ayodele further saw beyond the election and revealed that if the APC rigs the PDP candidate out, He should seek the face of God because eventually, he will recover his mandate at the election tribunal.

The prophet continued by explaining that PDP will win the election but the APC will steal his victory and as a result, there will be protests in the state against the APC.

These were his words:

‘’….In Nasarawa state, PDP has all it takes to win this election but APC will turn it upside down except the PDP man takes a very bold step so they won’t rig him out. If they rig him out, he has to seek the face of God before going to court or tribunal and eventually, if he seeks the face of God, he will win at the tribunal but I am telling you that there will be protest after the election to challenge APC and even in Nasarawa, they will protest against APC but PDP is the man that will win and they will steal his victory’’.


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With this prophetic revelation about Nasarawa election, Primate Ayodele’s statements can be hinged on four major points which are: PDP rightfully owns Nasarawa governorship seat, APC will rig and steal the victory of PDP in the election, there will be protest after the election and finally, PDP will reclaim victory at the election tribunal.

Taking a look at these four points, the events that unfolded during the election, after the election and up till this moment has underscored the elegance of Primate Ayodele’s prophetic ministry. It’s not just about revealing who will win an election but adding further details of how the winner will emerge and the circumstances that will lead to the victory; Primate Ayodele boldly did all these in his prophecy about Nasarawa and every other election too.

Going down the memory lane, it would be recalled that immediately after the election, there was a massive protest in Nasarawa against the APC government. In the history of governorship elections, there has never been a huge protest as that of Nasarawa against a ruling party, fulfilling Primate Ayodele’s prophecy.

The declaration of the APC candidate also confirmed the prophecy of Primate Ayodele that talks about the ruling party rigging and turning the election upside down. He mentioned that the PDP had all it takes to win the election but also foresaw foul play. However, to further buttress his prophetic point on PDP’s victory, Primate Ayodele assured that PDP will reclaim its mandate at the election tribunal.

Without mincing words, the victory of David Ombugadu at the election tribunal has affirmed Primate Ayodele’s credibility.