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NGAvsTUN: How Primate Ayodele Foretold Victory For Flying Eagles During Live Session (VIDEO)



The flying eagles of Nigeria won their third place match against Tunisia yesterday at the ongoing African cup of nations (AFCON) in Egypt.

Before the match, Primate Ayodele held a live session on his tiktok account where several people including his critics and lovers asked him a series of questions regarding his ministry and his prophecies. The man of God was made to do some clarifications on his prophecies that have been misconstrued by some elements.

While the live session was going on, one of the participants sought for clarification as to why Primate Ayodele always made prophecies about football. The man of God explained to him that God is interested in every area of man’s life including sports and that there is nothing wrong in prophesying about football and every other sector of a country.

Primate Ayodele further mentioned his support for the Nigeria football federation (NFF) and spoke about the ongoing AFCON in Egypt. He then mentioned that the flying eagles of Nigeria were going to thrash Tunisia in their match coming up later in the day.

These were his words

‘’ I love football, I love everything that is good and I love my country Nigeria. Nigeria will be playing Tunisia and if you are a Tunisian today, Nigeria will thrash you. Nigeria will win Tunisia by the special grace of God.’’.

As Primate Ayodele declared, the flying Eagles thrashed Tunisia 4-0 in the match to clinch the number three position of the tournament.



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