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Nigerian Bank Gives Soft Drinks, Water To Customers On Long ATM Queue Amidst Naira Scarcity (VIDEO)




TRIXX NG reports that a Nigerian bank, Suntrust Bank has received commendations after helping their customers cushion the effect of Naira scarcity with a show of kindness.

In a video shared on social media, the bank officials were seen sharing water and soft drinks to their customers who have been on queue for long in order to use the ATM.

More than 100 customers benefited from these kind gesture of the bank. The bank also provided umbrellas to serve as shelter for the customers in the sun.

This is coming after different dramas have come up in banks due to the inability of Nigerians to access their money. Some have stripped themselves, fought themselves dirty in the banking hall just to show displeasure.

Suntrust Bank no doubt has done what other banks haven’t done, making the bank a trailblazer in showing care for its customers.

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