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Nigerian Politicians Are After My Life – Mrs. Aina




The agony of a mother who is continuously threatened to provide her son or else she will be killed.
The struggle of Mr Olufemi heightens as he continues to be on the run only for safety.

Who can face them? No one, as they are the captain sailing the country at the moment.
They are the law and they have the power and it so sad they are using it to compel this citizen Mr Olufemi Aina and his mother.Presently he is on the run for his dear life and at the same time trying to protect his family from the dangerous powerful political party APC.

The most horrifying point about the whole situation and also the most dangerous is that the political party in power APC (All Progressive Congress) are the source of this evil deeds happening in the house of Mr Olufemi Aina just because they have the power, since power shifted to the south west on May 29 2023, they are now using the power to threaten the mother of Mr Olufemi Aina to present her son to them.

Mr Olufemi Olusegun Aina who has been on the run for his dear life and escaping death numerous times with lifes of family and friend lost in the process and others are still threatened.

The ruling party has asked Olufemi Aina’s mother to provide him since the power came into their possession on 29th of May 2023, if not when next they come they will take her away to unknown location and she would be hold hostage until Mr Olufemi Aina succumb to come to them so they can kill him. Their Mission is to kill him.

However, it would be recalled that his younger brother Yemi Aina have also lost his life in this battle and they are not resting their oars until they claim the life of Olufemi Aina who is at large.

We cannot forget that on the 1st of January 2011, Mr Olufemi Aina’s Father was killed by his Aunt’s political thugs. Her name Modupe Awodogan, a women leader of the ruling party in Nigeria, All Progressive Congress (APC). Elite Modupe Awodogan who has been in politics in Nigeria for decades,not just powerful but also influential in Nigeria and has connection with top political leaders in the APC.

There has been many attempt and threats of him getting killed,an example was On January 15, 2018 when some friends came to visit him at the place of his friend where he stayed, during this period some hoodlums invaded, and they shot one of his friends and attacked another friend with an axe. He managed to escape and fled.

Currently,Mr Olufemi Aina’s Mother is so scared and seeking for help from the international and humanitarian community to help intervene into the power drunk people after the life of her son.



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