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The chairman of OGA FOUNDATION Engineer Ogunrinde Gaphar Abiola one of the son of the oil merchant, Alhaji prince Aminu Akanji Ogunrinde Baba Adinni general of Alimosho local government, popularly known as AMO OIL has decided to venture into giving back to the society where he grew up by empowering the needy.

The chairman speaking in an interview said he has decided to start the program based on some facts that he will only review two to the public.

Firstly through the conversation he made it known that is a die hard fans of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the elected president of the federal Republic of Nigeria, is using the empowerment to support and follow the footage of Asiwaju being the philanthropist that everyone knows him be,going into empowerment will reduce the poverty level that surround our community.

Secondly, he said empowerment is nothing knew to him because he grew up witnessing is father AMO OIL giving help to the masses, everyday he wakes up seeing many people in is father compound seeking for help which for one day his father never exitate doing, lifting people out of poverty.

Speaking further, he said growing up he understands the society and what people are going through in the society, this is the reason he has decided to take after his father and Asiwaju by having a foundation to empower people.

The empowerment which commence at the start of the Ramadan fasting by reaching out to every corner of Alimosho local government in lagos where he grew up by giving hands to support Muslims who are fasting.

“Every Friday we go out to stretch hands to every mosque and many Baale in Alimosho to help the needy.

By the special grace of God almighty a very big event is coming up on Sunday 16th of April 2023 where over 300 traders and youths will be empowered, likewise our Friday Ramadan help to the needy will also not stop because OGA FOUNDATION has come to stay forever.


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