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Pioneering Feats of GOtv in the Nigerian DTT market




GOtv, a digital terrestrial television (DTT) service provider, has been a pioneering force in the Nigerian DTT market, revolutionising how Nigerians access and enjoy television content. Since its introduction, GOtv has achieved several groundbreaking feats, shaping the landscape of digital television in the country.

Here are remarkable feats the brand has achieved over the years.

Affordable Digital TV Access:  GOtv challenged the perception of pay TV being a luxury by offering affordable packages tailored to diverse budgets and viewing preferences. This opened a world of entertainment to previously underserved audiences, making quality television accessible to more people.

Innovative Technology: GOtv consistently embraces innovative technology to improve the viewing experience of customers. The introduction of high-definition (HD) channels, easy self-service options, myGOtvapp, and the streaming app, GOtv Stream, have enhanced viewer convenience and control, setting GOtv apart in the industry.

Localised Content and Partnerships: Understanding the importance of homegrown content, GOtv has forged partnerships with local content producers. This partnership continues to empower local talent and ensures that the platform remains relevant and appealing to the Nigerian audience. The introduction of Africa Magic channels offering content in various indigenous languages has also helped in promoting cultural entertainment across board while fostering a sense of identity.

Driving Digital Migration: GOtv has played a huge role in driving Nigeria’s digital migration from old-style analog TV to modern digital television by offering affordable and easy-to-use digital TV solutions. This has impacted the government’s goal to make sure everyone has access to digital TV positively ensuring Nigerians enjoy the benefits of digital broadcasting.

Customer Oriented: GOtv is known for putting customers first. The MyGOtvApp and the short code *288# have made it easy for customers to stay connected to the service. Subscribers get great customer service by providing easy ways to resolve technical issues, manage accounts, and share important information.

GOtv has made a remarkable impact on Nigeria’s digital TV market with presence in over 46 cities in 25 states across the country. Their contribution to the country’s digital migration journey and the focus on value, diverse content, technological innovation, and customer satisfaction have firmly established GOtv as a leader in the Nigerian digital television industry.