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Police Arrest Suspects Involved In Murder Of Chief Oliha Vito’s Father



TRIXX NG reports that in Idun-igie Umokun – Nokhua Village, Orhionwon local government area of Edo state has been brought under heavy apprehension after the murder of John Igiehuduwa, the father of Chief Oliha Igueihduwa Vito on account of a ten year old land tussle.

The unfortunate incident which has been described as conspiracy and murder was confirmed by the Edo state police command and has arrested seven suspects in connection to the case.

John Igiehiduwa, aged 65, was pronounced dead on the 6th of July, 2023 after hoodlums deceived him to his farm and brutally murdered and mutilated his body in an attempt to send life threatening messages to his son who escaped from their hands some years ago.

According to one of the deceased son, Osamudiamen Igiehiduwa who identified his father’s corpse, the deceased received a call from Sunday Enorigho claiming some people were uprooting cassava from his land unknown to him that it was a conspiracy that would later end his life.

Osamudiamen explained that when his father arrived at his farm, He was immediately cornered by some villagers and attacked. He revealed that his father was mutilated; his hands were cut off and sustained several laceration from machete cuts on his neck and head before he died on the spot while his phone was placed beside his lifeless body.

An autopsy was carried out to ascertain the cause of death and it further confirmed that John Igiehiduwa died from injuries sustained during the brutal attack by Sunday Enorigho and his cohorts.

Furthermore, eyewitnesses that consist of a chief  and neighbours in Idun-igie Umokun – Nokhua Village made it known that the deceased was killed due to a land issue that happened many years ago involving his son.

Investigations carried out revealed that the whole saga started in 2013 during the leadership of Chief Oliha Igueihduwa Vito when a landed property worth N100 Million was sold without proper remittance to the community.

Chief Oliha Vito in his capacity as a paramount chief In Idun-igie Umokun – Nokhua Village, then tried to hold several meetings to retrieve the money to the community but instead of appreciating his efforts, some hoodlums in the community accused him of holding on to the N100 Million meant for the land purchase.

It was also revealed that Chief Oliha Vito tried his best to prove his innocence but it appears there were plans to bring him down at all cost as they destroyed his houses, vehicles, and properties worth millions of Naira even when the police tried to intervene.

While speaking to some community members, they stated that Chief Oliha Vito suddenly fled the community and many including his enemies thought he was dead until they heard that he gave birth recently. Therefore, John Igiehiduwa was brutally murdered instead of his son, Chief Oliha Igiehiduwa Vito.