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Presidency: How Nigerians Disobeyed Primate Ayodele In 2019 And Suffered For It (VIDEO)



Primate Ayodele


Prophets are God’s mouthpiece; they don’t just talk out of their own understanding but according to the directions of God who show them things to come in years, decades, centuries.

Nigeria is blessed with one; Primate Elijah Ayodele of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church but it’s quite unfortunate that many always choose to disobey his warnings and end up biting fingers.

The heartbeat of a nation is in its leadership; a nation with a bad leadership is definitely headed towards doom and that’s why it is very important to know God’s direction and choice when it comes to choosing leaders. As citizens of a nation, there is a responsibility to elect God’s choice as leaders and how can that be known? Only through prophets.

Primate Ayodele has been consistent in warning Nigerians and giving them directions especially when we are getting to election period but do people listen? The answer is No and this is why the country is at the state where it is at the moment.

Before Nigerians elected President Muhammadu Buhari for his second term in office, Primate Ayodele was captured in a video asking Nigerians not to vote for him because there will be so much suffering in the land. This was even before his first term was completed, the man of God categorically stated that if Buhari gets a second term, the economy of the nation will go bad. To confirm this statement, Primate Ayodele said it openly several times during that period.

These were his words

‘’Buhari cannot make Nigeria better and from 2019, I am seeing a very deep crisis but I don’t know how it’s going to happen. I am not seeing APC or PDP making Nigeria great again. This is a warning for those that will listen.’’ (Sunday, 26th Of November, 2017)

‘’Buhari will be a punishment to us if he gets a second term, the country will not be stable, this is not about the political party but the fact is Buhari is not the messiah to take Nigeria to the promise land, it is just a waste of time’’ (Sunday 2nd Of December 2018)

‘’Nigeria will suffer the second term of President Buhari economically, I see people protesting and I see bloodbath. The administration will not be able to make the economy better except the right people are put in charge.’’ (Sunday, 7th of May 2019)

When Primate Ayodele made these prophecies, those who were supporting Buhari at that time flagged it down, they never believed it as they felt Buhari was the best thing for Nigeria at that time but what can be said about that now?

All Primate Ayodele warned us about President Buhari have come to pass in ways we can’t explain. The economy of Nigeria is in the worst state ever, the bloodbath experienced in this administration is second to none. Just as the man of God said, Buhari will be a punishment to Nigerians and he won’t take the nation to the promise land; this is exactly what happened.

The suffering of the present time is as a result of the collective disobedience Nigerians portrayed in 2019 despite the warnings of Primate Ayodele. Many of those who supported the president have condemned his administration, even to his kinsmen in the north because the sufferings are unbearable for the citizens.

We are in another election period and as usual, Primate Ayodele has started warning Nigerians against voting some people into power. He has even analyzed how the administration of the frontrunners in the election would be so Nigerians can make their choices.

It is advisable that Nigerians follow the prophet’s direction this time because He has proven beyond reasonable doubts that He is truly a man of God and in order to avoid another four years of regret, Obedience is better.



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