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President Tinubu Reportedly Sleeps-Off During Event In Benin Republic (PHOTO)




TRIXX NG reports that there have been reactions at different quarters after pictures of Nigeria’s President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu sleeping during an event in the Republic Of Benin surfaced on the internet.

The Republic Of Benin held her 63rd independence yesterday and invited several dignitaries including President Tinubu to the event organized to celebrate it.

However, one of the major highlight of the event for the people was Benin was the moment President Tinubu took a nap. They first shared the picture on several social media platforms with the caption ‘’ je savais qu’il alait dormi” which means ‘I knew he was going to sleep off’’.

Sadly, the picture made its way into the hands of Nigerians and received massive shares, reactions and engagements.

See some reactions below






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