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Re: Sir Adebutu, Why Do You Hate Ogun State?




The attention of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ward 3 in Remo North Local Government of Ogun State has been drawn to an open letter written by one unknown Israel Jolaosho in which he claimed to be a member of our party and addressed to our revered elder stateman, Sir Kensington Adebutu.

While we are not in the attitude of stooping low to engage faceless individuals, it is necessary to react for the sake of the undiscerning members of the public.

I write as the Chairman of the PDP Ward 3, Remo North Local Government and as a member of the same ward for over fifteen years and I can categorically say that there is no member of our party in Ward 3, Remo North Local Government who bears the fictitious name “Israel Jolaosho”. Such name is only a creation of mischief makers who are only bent on cooking lies and making folly of themselves.

I am privy to the recent cyber-bullying, media trial and name calling exhibited by the APC under the command of its Publicity Secretary, Tunde Oladunjoye and the recently dissolved SF Ojo of the Governor’s media team. It is however no gainsaying that this is another of their failed antics.

As much as I am not surprised that these set of individuals could display their level of uncultured attitude, it is however surprising that they could take it to the extent of attacking the revered Sir Kensington Adebutu whose impact in the education, health and other sectors of human endeavor within and outside of Ogun State is unquantifiable.

As the Yorubas would say in their popular adage, “eni ti o ni iru eni, ko le mo iyi eni” literally meaning that you can not appreciate what you don’t have, the likes of Tunde Oladunjoye, SF Ojo and their paymaster, Mr Dapo Abiodun have proven that they do not have an elder as revered as Sir Adebutu in their lineage which is why they do not have any remorse towards attacking this great philanthropist in disguise.

It is also on record how Sir Adebutu has been of immense support to Mr yellow governor before and after he became governor and such an ungrateful individual could, under his watch, allow his foot soldiers to attack the personality of Sir Adebutu.

Mr Abiodun’s actions in recent days can be likened to a pig in the mud looking for who to drag along. With his dwindling reputation since he was accused of credit card fraud which he could not defend till today, he has continued in his kleptomaniac nature by allegedly stealing Local Government funds, enmeshed in electoral malpractice, engaging in voters intimidation and harassment.

Mr Abiodun and his cohorts should bear in mind that their days are numbered and their various atrocities in the March 18th gubernatorial election will be revealed to the public as soon as the Election Petition Tribunal begins its trial.

I will advise Mr Abiodun to get himself prepared for the shock that will befall him after the mandate he illegally stole will be restored to the people who voted lawfully for our party.

Mr Sunday Taiwo,
PDP Chairman, Ward 3,
Remo North Local Government.



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