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Real estate nightmare: Overseas Nigerian alleges losing N40m to Revolution Plus scam [Video]



RevolutionPlus Property



A distressing tale unfolded as an overseas-based Nigerian exposed Revolution Plus, a prominent real estate company, accusing them of swindling him out of a staggering N40 million intended for 20 plots of land.

The heart-wrenching video as spotted by Quest Times, captured the Nigerian man, now homeless and braving the harsh cold, recounting how he entrusted his life savings to Revolution Plus in 2017, only to be denied the promised land.

In a plea for justice, he implored President Tinubu and the Lagos State Government to intervene, fervently seeking assistance to reclaim his property from the clutches of the Lagos Real Estate Firm.

The man warned that if his plight is not addressed, the CEO of Revolution Plus should bear responsibility for the dire consequences.