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Relocate To Italy Town, Calabria,  And Get $30,000 Grant (How To Apply)




A small Italian town is offering young people the opportunity of a lifetime, with a chance to get paid thousands to uproot and move to the idyllic spot.

Calabria, a stunning region in southern Italy affectionately referred to as the country’s “toe” due to its geographic position, is asking people under the age of 40 to relocate to the sunspot – with around €28,000 to make the deal sweeter.

However, there are a few catches for anyone hoping to hop on the Active Residency Income Project launched for the region in 2021.

To apply for the project you must be eligible meaning you have to either be 40 years old or younger, head to a town in the region with less than 2,000 inhabitants, be ready to move in just 90 days after accepting the offer, be an EU citizen, and lastly either set up a new business or take up a post in one that requires someone.

This could mean accepting a job in a restaurant, a hotel or even a local shop. The money will also either be paid in monthly stipends, amounting to around €1,000 to €800 or a lump sum of between €28,000 to €30,000 paid over three years. The lump sum could be used for the set-up of a new business.

The region has a tonne of beautiful towns and villages with less than 2,000 applicants, including Civita, Samo and Precacore, Aieta, and Bova. The landmark project aims to combat depopulation in these areas by bringing young people in to rejuvenate them.

Regional Councillor for Agriculture and Economic Development, Gianluca Gallo said: “It is a concrete response to the depopulation of inland areas that still have a lot to say in terms of architectural and tourist enhancement.

“These are small municipalities which are the true identity of our territory and which risk being extinguished.”

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