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Renowned Innovator Nnanna Okorie: A Dynamic Force in Technology Evolution  



Lagos, Nigeria: HS Advanced Technology proudly spotlights its visionary Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Nnanna Okorie, who is at the forefront of leading the company in boutique software development and cutting-edge technology solutions.

A luminary with a diverse background spanning continents and industries, Okorie’s journey reflects a tapestry of innovation and impact. His creative spirit, combined with a zest for exploring new technologies, has cemented his reputation as a trailblazer in the tech realm.
Born of Taiwanese-Nigerian heritage, Okorie embodies a global perspective that enriches his approach to technology and business solutions. From a young age, Okorie’s insatiable curiosity led him to deconstruct gadgets out of sheer fascination for understanding their inner workings. As an unexpected turn of events, his parents channelled this passion into formal coding classes at the very early age of 8, inadvertently igniting the spark that fuelled his remarkable career. The more Okorie delved into the world of technology, the more his inquisitiveness grew, propelling him to test boundaries, create innovative solutions, and push the limits of what was possible.
Upon hearing that Okorie was returning to Lagos, Nigeria from New York City, he was swiftly appointed as the CEO of 3 Wise Pixels, a startup founded by Andrew, Sampson, and Sean. This strategic move marked a turning point for the company, propelling it to new heights under Okorie’s leadership. His tenure as CEO saw 3 Wise Pixels being recognized by the London Stock Exchange Group as one of Africa’s fastest growing and most dynamic companies, a testament to the transformative impact he had on the organization.
Under Okorie’s leadership, HS Advanced Technology has emerged as a beacon of excellence, offering Boutique Software Solutions, Cybersecurity Services, IoT innovations, AI solutions, and more to empower SMEs globally.

Not confined to software alone, Okorie’s expertise extends into Electrical Engineering, a field in which he holds an undergraduate degree. This unique combination of software and hardware knowledge positions HS Advanced Technology at the forefront of comprehensive technological solutions that seamlessly bridge the gap between digital software and physical hardware components.

Okorie’s educational background in electrical and computer engineering, coupled with a master’s degree in Computer Science, underpins his holistic approach to technology, enabling a deeper understanding of how software interfaces with hardware components to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Beyond his entrepreneurial prowess, Okorie’s illustrious career includes pivotal projects that have redefined the boundaries of technology. Notable among these achievements is his role in the development of a revolutionary microcontroller integrated with various sensors, pioneering advancements in wearable tech and healthcare applications.

While his influence extends far and wide, Okorie’s commitment to mentorship and education remains unwavering. His tenure as an Assistant Professor at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) from 2013 to 2015 saw him imparting knowledge on Java programming, Microcontroller, and Robotics, inspiring the next generation of problem solvers and visionaries.

Unveiling glimpses of his ingenuity, Okorie’s portfolio features landmark contributions to groundbreaking innovations. From being part of the team that designed the Google Glass prototype to crafting inventive solutions like a mini automated cat playmate and an automated walker for Parkinson’s patients, his legacy epitomizes forward-thinking creativity and compassion.

As HS Advanced Technology continues to push boundaries and redefine possibilities under Okorie’s dynamic leadership, the future of tech advancement shines brighter than ever.
To learn more about the Founder and CTO of HS Advanced Technology and his vision, follow him on LinkedIn: Nnanna Okorie.
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