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RNI, Always Committed To Promoting Human Values , Tenacity In Upholding Gracious Attainments




Royalty Nobility International (RNI), a registered is ruggedly and ultimately committed to promoting wash other’s aspirations. This is a social cultural group established to encourage humanity in all fronts. GNI is an embodiment of superb amazons who refer each member as a Royal Duchess and all are fashionable, sophisticated and highly committed health care practitioners.
Gearing up for its second year anniversary on the 29th of October 2023, Royal Nobility International took the promotion of Yoruba heritage crucial and very paramount to its code of establishment and it is a Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) established to motivate members and impact on humanity, community in the face of all natural and artificial challenges and specifically, the group was birthed to elevate members lifestyles and reach out to the less privileged in clarity.

Royalty Nobility international consist of inspirational, virtuous noble women of substance, endowed with grace that’s worthwhile associating with, to celebrate an attained achievements and to share love, build a career and to promote one’s businesses.

Glamourous members of RNI take pride in reaching out, rejoicing with ourselves and promoting each other’s aspirations. We are also committed to enlightening treasure memories as we believe individuals commitment and politeness made us whole as a team.

RNI is mutually open to socialite women that are willing to help and share love with jolly heart.
Yeye Foluke Osunneye