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Russia Alliance: African Presidents Are Neglecting Primate Ayodele’s Warnings Again



Primate Ayodele


By Barasa Ashura, Kenya

Whenever Primate Ayodele gives warnings to presidents, especially in Africa, I wonder what comes to their minds or what they think about the warnings from this prophet. There is no way they won’t get these warnings because of the media reach of Primate Ayodele but consistently, they have just chosen to walk in the path of obstinacy for reasons best known to them but harmful for the African continent.

Primate Ayodele doesn’t even ask them for anything, he doesn’t ask them to even meet him and he has said several times that he doesn’t like politicians and will never try to stay close to them. Primate Ayodele is wealthy enough, therefore, doesn’t need anything these presidents may want to offer him. He has been releasing prophetic warnings for these presidents for many years yet they have failed to listen.

Maybe many of them don’t know these warnings are not just the words of Primate Ayodele but divine revelations from God. On second thought, these presidents are well-learned, some of them are Christians who understand what prophecies are but just like the biblical King Pharaoh Of Egypt who neglected the warnings of Moses despite seeing the marvelous works God did through him, they just chose to be disrespectful towards God’s words. King Pharaoh due to his unwillingness to obey God’s voice destroyed Egypt, killed his soldiers, and lost his own life too; similarly, African presidents have been toiling this path of destruction by constantly ignoring God’s instruction through Primate Ayodele.

A few days ago, Russia became suspiciously magnanimous to the continent in a summit held in the country. At the summit, President Putin announced that Russia will be pardoning the debt of a whole continent and will give them grains. Putin said at the summit that Russia’s attention has been growing towards Africa and that there are so many benefits to get if it works out.

Al Jazeera’s Ali Hashem, reporting from St Petersburg, said the declaration is Russia’s “new initiative towards Africa”.

“There is a Russian plan for Africa,” he said, adding that there are “very ambitious initiatives” from Putin.

“Russia wants to gain African allies. This is why it’s initiating more and more towards Africa – to the extent that President Putin wants to … revive the Soviet era investments in Africa,” he said.

According to Hashem, Russia plans on building plants and factories and increasing diplomatic missions on the continent.

Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele warned African leaders some months back to be careful of the agreements they sign and the presence of foreign countries in the continent. He warned that so many African countries will sell their birthright and that as a result of the presence of these foreign countries, Africa will become a tense ground and testing ground for their powers.

These were his words

‘’African leaders must be very careful because the so-called investors will take over some African rights if there is no proper agreement. A lot of African nations will sell their birthright and apart from this, Africa will be enslaved totally. The following countries must be careful against political tension, crisis, and natural problems; South Africa, Guinea, Burundi, Mali, Malawi, Mauritius, Sao Tome Principe, Cote D’Ivoire, South Sudan, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Guinea Conakry, and Gabon .’’

‘’The presence of China, Russia, America, the UK, Israel in Africa goes a long way, the leaders must be careful because there are issues and counter issues that will arise because of their presence. They want to use the African nation as a tense ground. Africa must be careful of health dangers.’’

These words are not too ambiguous for our African leaders to understand, the dangers were highlighted yet they went ahead to partner with Russia knowing fully well the hostility between the country and other Western countries. With Russia’s territory in Africa, it is expected that countries like the USA will create tension in the African continent which may be resisted by Russia. With that, Africa has automatically become a testing ground for world powers, the crisis that will be faced by the continent in the coming days will be imported because of leaders’ obstinacy.

The agreement with Russia is still in its early stage and it’s not too late to back out but these leaders have been blinded by their gains, they will stick to it and will fight anyone of them that tries to withdraw from the agreement.

This isn’t the first time they will be neglecting Primate Ayodele’s prophecy. They have done it several times which they had to pay heavily for yet they failed to learn their lessons. He warned them about Coup some months back and even mentioned Niger specifically. He told African leaders then that they should work seriously and do the needful to avert the coup but they didn’t listen, we all saw how Niger’s president was ousted.

The military coup in Mali, Burkina Faso, and the attempt in Gambia were things Primate Ayodele foretold but sadly, it happened because they failed to listen to the prophet.

Once again, African leaders are neglecting Primate Ayodele’s warnings, and as usual, what the prophet warned them against will happen. This is not to call them to order but to raise an alarm that our leaders have begun the process of selling us out for unnecessary war.