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‘’Save Me From Raymond Oduntan, I Know Nothing About Fresh Human Hand, Missing Police Rifle’’ – Real Estate Mogul, Azeez Awobo Cries Out



Raymond Oduntan

A popular real estate merchant in the Ikorodu area of Lagos and the CEO of Olaoluwa properties limited, Azeez Awobo has called out a prominent police officer, Raymond Oduntan for framing him up in the ongoing missing police officer’s rifle case in Imota and harvesting of a fresh human hand in Ogijo area.


In a petition written to the Inspector General Of Police, Azeez revealed that Raymond Oduntan AKA Iku Raymond has been trailing him for some weeks for an offense he knows absolutely nothing about. He made it known that Iku Raymond led a team of officers to his estate and invaded his house in search of the missing rifle.


At their arrival, He made it known that they slapped his wife and took her away after she requested their search and arrest warrant. It was also made known that they took her to a beer parlor for more than four hours to drink before they finally took her to Ikeja police headquarters.


While she was in police custody, Azeez narrated that they didn’t allow anyone to see her for eight days till he paid N500,000 as requested by Raymond Oduntan who directed them to the POS center where they will withdraw the money from.


‘’They asked of her husband and she told them I traveled. They took her to somewhere called Pagodo and left her in a beer parlor for about four hours, then they went to drink. She told me one of those police officers called someone to inform them that the tracker they used for me had spoiled and that the person should send N200,000 to get another. ‘’


‘’My wife was surprised that they didn’t take her to the station but they told her they will be taking her to Abuja. They asked her to call me, which she did, that was after four hours. They finally took her to Ikeja police headquarters and for one week, they didn’t allow anybody to see her. Whenever her family members asked about the offense, they say I killed someone and collected a police officer’s rifle. The IPO lied against my wife too to her family members. In the end, my wife spent 8 days with them and after many appeals, Raymond Oduntan requested N500,000 to release my wife.’’


‘’He was the one that told us the POS center to go and for three days, the money was with us. He asked my lawyer to bring it along and I have the video of how we withdrew the money. I also have the recording of one of our conversations.’’


Speaking on how the missing rifle story came about, Azeez explained that some thugs killed a police officer and took his rifle at Imota some weeks ago but they have been arrested and identified by officers of the police division. Therefore, he is surprised at his involvement in the whole saga.


‘’Raymond Oduntan is the one championing the story that I have a rifle with me, I don’t know where he got his information from. I am aware that some thugs killed and collected a rifle from a police officer at Imota around Caleb University and about five days later, the DPO and OPC arrested two of them and God so good, they took them to the police station of the deceased officer. They were immediately identified and taken to the Lagos command.’’


‘’It’s this rifle that Raymond Oduntan is looking for in the hands of my wife and I, the Lagos state government and IGP should come to my rescue. Whoever told him I have a rifle with me should please come out. I don’t know Raymond Oduntan as a police officer, he slapped my wife the way they invaded my estate to search my house even without a search warrant yet they didn’t see anything. They should go to Imota DPO to make findings.’’


‘’My lawyer went to the police station to meet him for reasons behind his action because I wasn’t given any invitation or sent any letter that requested my presence. His response was some people gave him my number and that he is doing an intelligent report.’’


Speaking further, Azeez made it known that Raymond Oduntan has changed the narratives from missing rifles to the harvesting of fresh human hands after some cultists were arrested some days ago. He called on the inspector general of police to come to his rescue as he knows nothing about the issues he is being accused of.


‘’When he saw the rifle case wasn’t going the way he wanted, he changed the case again three days ago and said they arrested one herbalist in Imota and caught a human hand with him. Due to this, they arrested some cultists in Ogijo, and to my surprise, the police said I am also involved in the issue. The crime was committed in Ogun state, I am in Lagos state so I don’t know my involvement in all of these. They can say they know me because I have worked in different places.’’


‘’I want the IGP to please come to my rescue because those who are working with me are getting scared already. He was doing a case of rifles before and changed it to a fresh human hand case, I don’t understand.’’