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Slum King Episode 7 Preview: War is Knocking in Oro Lede




Imole’s effort to maintain peace in Oro Lede has suffered a huge setback as he could be on the verge of war with the feared Agbakara gang. Unfortunately for him, he is not just at war against external enemies, he has been caught off guard with plots within the Alaiberu gang.

It is no secret that Selense has her eyes set on unseating Imole as the Slum King, having been at the helm of affairs along with the erstwhile acting Slum King, Tequila for the 15 years which Imole spent in prison. Her accomplices in the plot include Banjo, a sworn enemy of Maje (He hates Maje for killing his brother, Dare).

Don’t forget that Tequila made a deal with the rival group, Agbakara to have Breaklight (Tranzoquil) sold in Oro Lede, so shipments worth N15 million each are usually delivered to Oro Lede. For the sake of peace, Imole had agreed to continue receiving shipment of drugs for a certain period.

Unfortunately for him, Selense and Banjo arranged to have two shipments worth N30 million diverted and hidden by Selense and Banjo in a bid to cause a rift with the Agbakara group led by Sapele Water. If the shipments are not sold within the agreed timeframe, it could lead to war.

When Imole discovered that two shipments were missing, it led to confrontation with members of the Alaiberu gang. Banjo berated Imole for appointing Maje as his Second-in-Command (21C), adding that it is his responsibility to forestall thefts of the gang’s shipment.

As expected, after the Alaiberu gang failed to deliver money for the missing shipments, Sapele Water paid Imole and the gang a visit. He met Imole playing arm wrestling with other members of his gang, he proceeded to challenge him to three rounds. Sapele Water won two rounds of the three. Afterward, he warned Imole against defaulting on remitting money for the shipment if he does not want war.

What next for the Slum King? Will he be consumed by the schemings of his enemy or will he emerge stronger? Find out when the seventh episode airs on Sunday at 8pm. It promises a lot of drama, action, love and lust. Don’t miss out!

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