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Some facts Femi Adesina should remember after labeling Primate Ayodele a false prophet






By Ogbeni Hercules

Recently, Femi Adesina, a spokesperson for the presidency, labeled Primate Ayodele a false prophet that should focus on philanthropism rather than give prophecy. While criticism is a normal thing that happens in life, there are some facts that Femi Adesina should note because one day, he will leave that post, and the power will no longer there cover him. When prophecies are given, the main reason is not to attack the prophet but to take heed and make amendments. Femi Adesina should sit and ask himself if he can walk confidently in his hometown and beat his chest that the government he’s serving in their administration is doing well.

However, Femi Adesina should note that the only person who prophesied robbery in Aso Rock was the person he’s labeling as a false prophet. When I saw that prophecy from Primate Ayodele, I asked myself how that will be possible until the chief of staff house was raided. Femi Adesina should also remember that while African pastors and prophets were prophesying Donald Trump for the second term, only Primate Ayodele said otherwise and stated the factors that will make Joe Biden win. All played out, and it earned the Primate UN recognition.


While it is understandable that he cannot preach against the government paying his bill, Femi Adesina is from Southwest, Osun State precisely; he should remember how Primate Ayodele prophesied the menace that will be unleashed by herdsmen and how tribal war would happen? He’s an acclaimed journalist; how is it possible that he’s aware of all these facts? Femi Adesina is truly doing his job, but all the failed prophecies he associated Primate Ayodele with never came from him; he should seek clarity before laying untrue claims.


While many might come out to say Primate Ayodele predicts, how did he know that PDP governors were planning to defect to APC? The question is that, did it not happen? What is happening in Imo today? Who had the bold mind to say it before the occurrence? Only Primate Ayodele, even when others were saying otherwise. Elisha was a prophet many kings look up to for answers, those criticizing the man of God should look at things with inner understanding. Femi Adesina should remember repercussion, he might be the talk of the town today, but the day of reckoning is coming for every one of us.

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