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Taraba: All Eyes On The Youths By Benjamin Bako





Executive Governor of Taraba State, Dr Agbu Kefas early this week ruffled huge feathers across the political landscape with the release of 21 mostly young commissioner nominees consisting of a record number of highly educated youthful women.


Majority of Tarabans, especially the youths across the  state and Nigeria at large welcomed the move as a breath of fresh air, breaking away from the past and a fulfilment of his often emphasised pledge to engage the youths and transform the political horizon of the agrarian State long plagued by large-scale corruption and ineptitude.


Youths are the backbone of any nation. Their physical and intellectual energies matter to the growth of a developing state such as Taraba. The Dr Agbu Kefas’s government same keen on leveraging the manifold talents in the state’s youth  through meaningful engagement and dialogue to extricate the comatose giant with huge potentials to walk again.


In all societies that value advancement, the youths represent the most vital and energetic element of the population. Statistics indicate that developing nations with sizable youth population continue to see significant development in all areas of their economies if they invest in young people’s rights, education, and political empowerment.


The old political class have nothing to fear in a Youth takeover in Taraba State. The bold and brave move made by His Excellency Dr Agbu Kefas must be supported by all Tarabans who desire a clean break from the status quo that has held our wealthy state down for so long to a bright new future of peace, unity and plenty.


The old political class must realise that there’s time for everything, and that these gradual wind of change is never meant to circumvent their relevance , but to enhance their productivity at the backstage where their long years of experience shall be harness by the youths from time to time during the transition. The old brigade must as a matter of integrity and self respect desist from engaging in activities that will slow the march to progress of this new government.


The small group of youths selected from amongst millions of Tarabas young people given the opportunity to serve now must be clear-eyed about the scale and  scope of the challenges facing our state right now and not be carried away by the privileges the office confers on them. The once in a lifetime opportunity given to them by Dr Agbu Kefas must never be abuse and trampled upon.


Dr Agbu Kefas has always believed that we can  advance in partnership and solidarity by building on our past, with ambition and confidence in our future for greater Taraba that is stronger economically with vibrant Youths looking confidently into the future with dignity and pride. Youths must reciprocate this kind gesture by not disappointing Dr Agbu Kefas and millions of Tarabans who’s attention is now focused on them.