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Taraba Governor-elect, Agbu Kefas Plans Big For Pensioners By Oluwatosin Alex



Kefas Agbu


Pensioners will be the first category of people to enjoy the benevolence of Taraba state Governor-elect, Agbu Kefas among many others.

Pensioners in Taraba state have been subjected to unnecessary anguish for many years due to mismanagement by the government of the day. They have been neglected and made to ‘beg for bread’ as a result of the government’s inability to release their financial benefits.

Having worked for years in the state, it is expected that the pension which is a statutory remuneration for government workers be paid to them as at when due but it’s been an opposite situation in Taraba state for many years.

They have organized protests, written letters and done everything necessary to call the government’s attention but all their efforts have proven abortive. Some of them have died of hunger while some are suffering from terminal diseases due to the government’s disregard.

However, Dr. Agbu Kefas, the newly elected governor, has promised to address the issue immediately when he is sworn-in into office on May 29, 2023. Utmost care for the pensioners was one of his campaign promises and of course, being a man of his word, he will address it.

Although, the debt owed by the present government is well over N500 Billion including accrued debt for pensioners, Agbu Kefas has begun plans to settle most of them within a few months in office without affecting the economy of Taraba state.

Dr. Agbu Kefas has been meeting with investors across the country since he won the governorship election. They have been holding discussions about investing massively in the state which will in turn boost the internally generated revenue of the state. With a substantial IGR, pensioners will easily be paid what they deserve, workers will not be owed salaries, and there will be more confidence in the government by the people.

With Dr Agbu Kefas, Taraba state will gradually become an independent state; filled with opportunities, developments, infrastructures, and many more.