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Taraba Governor-elect, Agbu Kefas Sympathizes With Flood Victims, Calls For Calm




The Governor-elect of Taraba state, Agbu Kefas has sympathized with victims of flooding in Taraba state.

In a statement released by his SSA on Online media, Oluwatosin Alex, Agbu Kefas acknowledged that the flooding situation has been happening for many years in the state, while expressing grief towards the situation.

He described the latest flooding situation as unfortunate, stating that the people of Taraba state don’t deserve to experience such disheartening conditions.

However, He assured the populace of Taraba state of prioritizing their welfare and well-being to prevent a repeat of an unnecessary flooding situation.

‘’I am aware of the unnecessary flood that has ravaged some parts of Taraba state for many years. The people have suffered immensely as a result of the flooding situation.’’

‘’Many have been rendered homeless, properties have been destroyed and the development of the state has been greatly threatened due to the incessant flooding that affects Taraba state yearly.’’

‘’The most recent flooding situation which has led to the homelessness of over 300 families in the state is nothing but sad. The people of Taraba state don’t deserve to experience a disheartening condition as this.’’

‘’I sympathize with the victims of this ill-fated disaster, I feel their pains and I know what it feels like to be rendered homeless due to a situation that could have been controlled.’’

‘’I want to assure the good people of Taraba that my administration will prioritize their welfare and well-being. I have consulted widely and strategized excellently on the many situations an average Taraba resident faces.’

‘’We will leave no stone unturned in ensuring the people of Taraba state enjoy the dividend of democracy. Among many others, flooding will be given rapt attention especially for the fact that we are gradually moving into the raining season.’’

‘’I appeal to the good people of Taraba state to remain calm and hopeful as we prepare for the official inauguration in few weeks time.’’




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