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‘’There Will Be War, God Has Appointed Peter Obi To Lead Nigeria’’ – Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse




The founder of Freedom For All Nations Outreach (FANO), Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse has warned Nigerians ahead of the presidential election coming up tomorrow Saturday, 25th of February, 2023.

In a live service held in his church, the prophet revealed that God has appointed Peter Obi to lead the country but he will not force the people to elect him. He explained that Nigerians will cry to God but he will not answer them if they fail to elect Peter Obi in the presidential election.

He made it known that the first and second year of Peter Obi as president will be tough but it will get better in the third year as some secrets will be exposed. He mentioned that the result will still be battled in court but the elect of God will win the battle.

‘’The Lord said to me that the one appointed to fight the battle for you is Peter Obi. God is not forcing you to choose him, he has only appointed him but if you refuse, you will keep on crying to God and he will not answer.’’

‘’The Lord said he refused to listen to the prayers of the saint is because he sent forth his warnings but they were disobeyed and that’s why he could not do anything.’’

‘’Now it is another time, Give peter Obi the chance as the mind of God. The first and second year will be tough but the third year, there will be secrets about those that took Nigeria to ransom. Some will run and some will be caught. I want to say this to you that the election that is coming has the hand of a court case, the result after it has been announced will go via court case but the elect of God will win the battle.’’

He also noted that prayers need to be done for Nigeria because there will be war.

‘’I want you to pray for Nigeria but I can say to you there is going to be war. I am not seeing two giants bowing down for one another, It is stupidity for a sick man to lead a sick nation, who will heal one another? We need to pray to God to take control of the Saturday election.’’


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