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Three Sad Things That May Happen To Donald Trump As He Leaves Office



Donald Trump



TRIXX NG reports Donald Trump officially became a former President of the United states of America today.

This publication reliably gathered that as the popular businessman becomes a former president in the US, There are some things that may likely happen to him.

First of all, He might face several litigations that if convicted of, might be sent to jail, that is if the new president decides to take it up with him. There have also been allegations of tax evasion against him, if he is found guilty, He will be faced with the punishment.

Secondly, Donald Trump might be divorced by his wife, Melania Trump. There have been several predictions that His wife will leave him, though reasons behind this have not been founded, but lets all keep fingers crossed.

Lastly, Donald Trump may become irrelevant in US Politics. Before he left today, it was so obvious that even his party members are not in support of some of his actions, hence, it will be very difficult for him to become relevant to the extent of getting the presidential ticket of his party again

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