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True Life Story: Deborah Modupe Oyedele Narrates Ugly Ordeal With Land Grabbers



Deborah Modupe Oyedele


Ms Deborah Modupe Oyedele shares an ordeal with newsmen – my sad experience began when 6acres of land was transferred to my mother Janet  Abiola Oyedele fromher father, the land is located at Tade Village , Ido local government area of Oyo state.

My mother used the land for plantation, unfortunately, this land became a source of contention when Fulani herdsmen invaded neighboring  farms and it was subsequently handed over to an individual known as Abdullai, purportedly to manage the land and generate returns.

However, the situation deteriorated rapidly in June 2022 when my mother was violently attacked on the farm by unknown assailants. She was gravely injured and lost substantial amount of blood. Despite being rushed to the hospital, she tragically passed away on June 12th.

This incident left our family in turmoil and disbelief.

Following my mother’s demise, I attempted to inquire about the promised returns from Abdullah, who had taken over the land.

Regrettably, he informed me that he could no longer honor the agreement made with my mother and was unilaterally seizing control of the property.

Our disagreements escalated, prompting me to report this matter to the authorities. However, it appeared that Abdullah’s connections shielded him from legal repercussions

The most harrowing chapter of my experience unfolded in December 2022 when I was abducted and  was forcibly taken to an undisclosed location, where I was subjected to threats, coercion, and physical violence.

My captors demanded that I sign documents transferring my late mother’s property to Alhaji Abdullah. I endured severe beatings at the hands of different individuals throughout this traumatic period.

A glimmer of hope emerged when a member of the gang named Malik was sent to replace those on watch. Recognizing me, Malik expressed disbelief in his boss’s actions and pledged to rescue me. He adamantly stated that he would not let me perish at the hands of his superior. Malik revealed that he owed a profound debt of gratitude to my mother, who had saved his wife’s life during a complicated childbirth through financial assistance and emotional support, despite our different tribal backgrounds.

On the night of my rescue, Malik arrived with two unknown individuals, whom he vouched for. He requested that I trust them, and together, we embarked on our escape. During our journey, I disclosed that I was responsible for my three nieces, who had been under my care since their father’s departure. I refused to leave them behind, as I was their sole guardian. Malik inquired about my passport, which I possessed, and we continued our journey, which was traveling at night.

Our journey eventually led us to Ireland, where I found temporary refuge as an asylum seeker. One of Malik’s associates provided me with an address directing me to an asylum home in Ireland.




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