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University Student Expelled For Joining Popular Tiktok Ceiling Challenge (VIDEO)



Ceiling Challenge


TRIXX NG reports that a University Student has been expelled for joining popular tiktok ‘ceiling’ challenge and exposing her body.

She joined the challenge this evening and uploaded her video but sadly, it has cost her the admission she recently got into the university.

She was seen dancing seductively in the video.

The name of the institution couldn’t be ascertained at the time of filing this report but according to the narration, the video went viral immediately she posted it and thousands of people have viewed it in the university.

Ceiling Challenge is a viral tiktok challenge that has to do with placing one’s phone on the ceiling and then record anything you feel like doing afterwards. Many people have shown their creativity in the challenge but for several Nigerians who are mostly females, they expose their bodies and dance seductively.



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