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Why Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke Deserves To Become The Next Governor Of Ondo State



Funmi Ayinke


By Osho Oluwatosin

The Governor of Ondo state, Arakurin Rotimi Akeredolu has performed excellently well for close to eight years of his administration. He has brought about reforms and innovations that have transformed Ondo state better than it was a few years back.

While Rotimi Akeredolu has performed well as the governor of Ondo state, it is a known fact that he won’t be there forever. His administration expires in 2024 and as expected, the search for who will take over as the next governor of the state has begun.

At the moment, no prominent politician has indicated interest to occupy the number one position in the state apart from a vibrant woman, Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo; is an individual who could cause a political tsunami come 2024 at the polls.

Funmi Ayinke declared her interest in the election polls some weeks back and was greeted by wide reception by the good people of the state on account of her antecedents as a worthy leader. Even though she isn’t seen as a major player in the political environment, the acceptance that followed her declaration was a testimony of her influence and proof that the people of Ondo state have been anticipating her grand entrance into the political scene.

Despite the dichotomy against women’s participation in politics, Funmi Ayinke decided to take the bull by the horn by not just declaring her intention to become the next governor of her state but becoming the first person to do so, portraying how prepared she is for the task ahead.

In Nigeria, politicians are akin to liars, deceivers, criminals, thieves, and so on but Funmi Ayinke is far from all these characters. She’s known majorly for her exploit in the engineering industry, humanitarian activities, inspirational music, and provider of job opportunities through her various establishments. The question now is, Do the people of Ondo state deserve a politician who will deceive them or a technocrat who will uplift them?

With the entrance of Funmi Ayinke into the contest, it’s clear that the trajectory of Nigerian politics is about to change from Ondo state. She may not be a thoroughbred politician like others who may declare later but one thing is clear; Funmi Ayinke is a different breed.

Over the years, She has created more than 2,000 jobs for Ondo citizens through Funmi Ayinke Nigeria Limited, contributed immensely to the growth of the youth community through constant empowerment programmes, donations of funds, setting up businesses for women and widows, paid hospital bills, sorted accommodation issues for innumerable beneficiaries.

For 20 years, Funmi Ayinke engaged in humanitarian services with her funds with the establishment of Funmi Ayinke Humanity Foundation (FAHF), and through the years, she was responsible for the school fee payments of over 5,000 students, education scholarships, sponsoring of interested students overseas to further their academics, to mention a few.

In Nigeria, politicians engage in little humanitarian services only during the election period but for Funmi Ayinke, an act of benevolence is a lifestyle and this is one of the reasons she deserves to become the governor of Ondo state. People deserve someone close to them, who can feel their pain, and solve their problems.

Ordinarily, Funmi Ayinke may not have decided to contest for the position of governor due to her personality. She just wants to impact people and nothing more but clamour from religious leaders, traditional rulers, and pressure groups within Ondo state for her to become the next governor of the state fueled her decision to declare.

For Funmi Ayinke, declaring her intention to contest isn’t desperation but a call to the service of humanity. If she can cater to the needy for over 20 years without holding any political office, becoming the next governor of Ondo state will only mean more people will benefit and the people will get to enjoy the dividend of democracy.

As a professional engineer who is recognized in different parts of the world, Funmi Ayinke has the undeniable ability to influence international investors to commit themselves to the progress of Ondo state. With her global influence and intellectual capacity, many of the untapped resources in Ondo state will be explored to increase the state’s internally generated revenue (IGR). With Funmi Ayinke as the governor, Ondo State will become the nation’s pride in no time.

Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke’s governorship ambition represents different things; A beacon of light for many women who want to participate in politics, hope for the youths that feel they can’t attain leadership positions, confidence for the common man, hope for democracy, among several others.

  • Osho Oluwatosin is a journalist and a public affairs analyst



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