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Why you should subscribe to First Bank E-learning platform



Written by Osho Oluwatosin

Ever since Covid-19, the world’s present enemy started existing, lots of sectors in the economy have been affected. Almost in all countries around the world, lockdown of several companies, establishments have been enforced to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Sadly, among these sectors include Education, all schools around the world have been shut down due to this pandemic. Of course, closing down schools is a very laudable move because children are the leaders of tomorrow, hence, it’s highly essential not to make them exposed to a disease that has claimed lots of lives around the world.

In some countries in Africa, especially Nigeria, getting educated beyond the walls of schools is not feasible, there have not been a lot done to ensure pupils gets updated, educated outside school compounds.

Due to this reason, First Bank, arguably the most proactive financial institution in Africa, in conjunction with some technology based companies,  have come up with a platform that allows pupil register for free for the purpose of learning. The bank, in its magnanimity, explained that registering on its E-Learning platform is free, all you need to do is subscribe.

According to information, The bank is driven to have 1 million Nigerians have access to e-learning through various platforms. The partnership with Roducate and Lagos State government is one of them.

Also, some of the features of this platform include  podcasts and various games such as brain pulse, monster munch among others which allows one to play with other students online thereby building relationships and promoting interactive learning. It include tutorial videos to reinforce the learning engagement as well as assignments and mock exam to test the students’ knowledge and progress in the course of studying.

No doubt, judging by the features and benefits of this platform, subscribing immediately is the only way one won’t miss out on this.

To subscribe, Click HERE

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