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Agbado Ope Ilu community frowns over Sanwoolu’s Red Rail Line compensation plan, says LAMATA is fraudulent





The people of Agbado Ope-Ilu have cried out over the Lagos State Government Red Rail Line project which has been projected to convey about 1million people from Lagos down to Ogun state on a daily basis.

The project is expected to run through residential areas and will attract the demolition of buildings, making several become homeless.

As expected of a good government, those that will be affected by the demolition are supposed to be compensated well but reverse seems to be the case in this matter.

Many have accused the Lagos State government, LAMATA of defrauding the victims by valuing their buildings at a meagre amount of money.

The claimants and LAMATA has employed the services of valuers to cost the affected properties and advice the government on compensation plans according the right laws.

However there are incomparable changes between the values of the state and the independent valuers of the community.

One of the claimants said her storey building was valued N1.1million by the state which was earlier valued at N12.2million.

According to reports, the negotiations of the government has led to crisis within the community as owners of the buildings fail to append their signatures on the amount being proposed.

It was revealed that the government plans to start demolition tomorrow Wednesday, 14th of September, 2022 and forcefully make owners of the buildings accept the proposals through the use of security Operatives.

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