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Agnity School Students Raise The Bar In Digital Skills Acquisition



Agnity School


In a world where digital skills are needed to be successfully relevant, the students of Agnity Schools have proven beyond reasonable doubts that they have all it takes to be the relevance the world needs with the exhibition of their digital skills.

It was a memorable day on Thursday, 17th Of November, 2022 when the Junior and Senior Secondary School students demonstrated their eloquence and brilliance in digital knowledge during an ICT exhibition organized by Arrowhead technology.

The junior secondary school students surprised the teeming audience and guests when they displayed coding skills and correctly answered questions based on the digital world. They were asked to create different websites in minutes which some of them did before the time elapsed.

The senior secondary school students were also not short of excellence as they designed websites using html coding. It was indeed a beautiful sight to behold as youngsters expressed themselves digitally; a skill that requires so much dedication to acquire.

Meanwhile, the students had participated in google digital skills competition and were all presented certificates for performing excellently.

During the exhibition, a top staff of Agnity School commended the students and spoke on how technology can help tackle cybercrime in the world. He urged them to get more equipped, improve themselves in the technology areas for future purposes.

According to Arrowhead Technology, Agnity School will fully move to computer-based examinations in the coming sessions and it will not just be texts but will include audio too.


No doubt, Agnity schools has raised the bar in digital skills acquisition for secondary schools.



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