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‘’Apologize To Mama Esther Ajayi In 24 Hours Or I Will Beat You Up In Your Church’’ – Atorise Warns Prophet Oladele Genesis (VIDEO)





TRIXX NG reports that the recent outburst of popular prophet, Israel Oladele Ogundipe popularly known as Genesis against Rev Mother Esther Ajayi has degenerated into something messy as his close friend who is a musician, Lanre Teriba Atorise has threatened to beat him up if he doesn’t apologize.

In a live video shared on Atorise’s facebook page, he was seen telling Genesis that Mama Esther Ajayi doesn’t owe him anything and that he is just being ungrateful.

He made it known that he would have called Genesis privately but he has said it himself that whoever advises him will die and that he doesn’t want to die yet. Atorise noted that he is going to block Genesis while warning him to apologize within 24 hours or he will come to his church to beat him up.

‘’I have him on my phone and I’m going to block him, Mama Ajayi doesn’t owe anyone of us anything, she is our benefactor and she is old.I am not here to drag anyone down, I want to say my mind to dele, I felt so disappointed in him, I would have called him personally to advise him because I don’t want to bring him down.’’

‘’Mama doesn’t owe you anything, that’s one thing we don’t know, she is a philanthropist, dele knows mama has helped him a lot, she prayed for you when you went to jail. I am not going to say much but I just want to give Dele 24 hours to apologize to Mama. He knows me very well, I will fight him, go to his church and fight him dirty, he knows me well.’’

‘’You can’t talk to elderly old person like that, I don’t really understand, I know Mama cannot reply on social media but I can’t be ungrateful, Dele is ungrateful to Mama Esther Ajayi, she doesn’t owe you what you are asking for.’’

‘’I stood by your all through your trials but did you ever call me when you called artistes to come for your thanksgiving? Did I say anything about it? The person that is in jail doesn’t know who is running around for him.’’





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