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Apostle Courage Igene Preaches Hope As Nigeria Celebrates 61st Independence





So much has been said concerning Nigeria and Nigeria Independence.

Some are saying is not getting better, while others are saying that Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb soon to explode. Our Nigerians in the diaspora are lamenting bitterly on the state of the nation.


The president of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Rev. Dr. Samson Olasupo  Ayokunle, prophesied a coming shower of blessing for Nigeria.


The association of CAN gave kudos to the military for the upper hand they are having over the insurgents and criminals tagged as bandits, encourages the law enforcement agents not to give these criminals any breathing space until the battle is won and Nigeria is safe again as before.’ CAN stated.


They urged Nigerians not to give up in their prayers and determination to see Nigeria through the trying times.


Some other clerics share similar vision and prayers for the nation.


And despite the seeming hopeless situation in Nigeria, US based pastor, Apostle Courage Igene, the presiding pastor incharge of All Nations Church has expressed hope in a glorious future for the country. Saying that Nigeria at 61 is worth thanking God because in all the imperfections of Nigeria, we never experience natural disasters like earthquake that swallow entire regions in some parts of the world. God has divinely preserved Nigeria from the onslaught of the wicked. In spite of the brigandage and pillaging of the nation’s resources by the political cabal and halleluyah boys, the nation has survived.


*Notwithstanding the level of corruption in the Government, bandits kidnapping, insecurity, inflation, bad economy, etc. Does Nigeria at 61 worth celebrating?


I would say yes, celebrate. Because you celebrate your birthday whether you have achieved much or not. We should thank God for witnessing another Independence, it Is worthy of celebrating. I submit to you that Nigerians should celebrate by thanking God for life, intercede for the nation and prepare to vote out those that have held the nation hostage by refusing to stamp out the terrorists with the full weight of the military and getting international support to do so. Intercessory prayer is quite needed, therefore i call on believers from all denominations and backgrounds to weep and cry out to God in our prayer irrespective of one’s location, whether in Nigeria or abroad, in groups, individuals, at school, at home, meetings, in churches, it could be any part of the world. Every Christian should observe a fast, repent, and pray for Revival in Nigeria.


*Any hope for quality leaders?


Yes, the youth should rise up and actively participate in the political process. Speak with one voice and everyone back up that individual. Thats how change comes. Everything is not prayer. There is time to pray and there is time to act. Nations that experience change, didnt just sit down praying. They joined the political process and effected change.


*What is your advice to the Government and your message to Nigerians?


My advice to the Government is please empower the youth, provide basic infrastructure to all Nigerians (its a right and not a privilege).


In this 21st century,  people are still battling with power supply, it ought not to be. When a road is fixed, its highly celebrated as if the government has performed a miracle not knowing that is their right to have as citizens.


To Nigerians, this is time to acknowledge and repent of our national sins,  corruption, wickedness, injustice, killings, abominations, and evils, for the restoration of God’s glory, power, revival in Nigeria for a new and better Nation, for Nigerian citizens, and for Christianity and for the coming generation. There is hope for Nigeria and Nigeria will still be a better country.




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