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Drama As Man Storms Filling Station With Geepee Tank To Buy Fuel Amidst Scarcity (VIDEO)



Geepee tank fuel


TRIXX NG reports that there was a little drama at a filling station when a man stormed the premises with a big water tank to purchase fuel.

This is of course connected to the fuel scarcity that has befallen the country for many months now. The man was seen conveying his tank on a wheelbarrow probably to buy enough fuel since he wasn’t sure of when the scarcity will finally be resolved.

People who were also at the filling station could not hide their amazement at the development, they were seen fixing their gaze on the man in shock.

Several dramas have occurred since the scarcity began; just recently some people were seen fighting themselves with their kegs in their hands over an argument that ensued at the filling station.

Amidst the scarcity, the federal government have reportedly increased the official price of petrol to N185/Litre even though it sells as much as N350/Ltr in some parts of the country.

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