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Edo 2012: Mr and Mrs Atabujena murdered




Edo state Gubernatorial Election that held on the 14th of July 2012 which declared incumbent Governor Adam Aliyu Oshiomhole,as the winner of the Governorship Election.

Post Election crisis hit the camp of the opposition party in Edo state, the people Democratic party,according to report the Candidate of people democratic party, in just conclude Gubernatorial Election General Charles Airhavbere,who has send military forces and thugs to some of the party Loyalty that he gave money for mobilisation for party,which he was roundly defeated in the 18 local government of the state by the candidate of Action congress of Nigeria Adam Aliyu Oshiomhole.

General Charles Airhiavbere who on the mission to retrieve all his belonging he gave to the People Democratic party Ward and local government Agents in the state to mobilised for him,which one of the  Agent was Mr Cordilia Atabujena,who hails from Uromi in Esan North East local government Area of Edo state.

Reacting to the death of Mr and Mrs Atabujena  by undisclosed Eye witness who said that Late Mr and Mrs Atabujena, was A loyal and committed member of People Democratic party since the party came into existence in 1998,he further states that some Political thugs who belong to The candidate of People Democratic party Gubernatorial candidate General Charles Airhiavbere,have been coming to the country residence of the diseases in Uromi claiming a return of Cash and other materials given to their daughter Mrs Cordilia Atabujena, who died in police detection in November 2012,by the party candidate in Edo 2012 Gubernatorial Election.

Trouble break out when Cordelia Atabujena,refuse to  hand over the money given to her by the party candidate after some few weeks when Mrs Corderlia refuse to give General Charles His money she was arrested by the police and stay more them 30 days in the police detection without been charge to court,according to the police,Mrs cordelia Atabujena,fall ill in the detection but  she died after few days.


Mrs Cordialia Atabujena who died on 8th November 2012 in police after she refused to refund the money given to her by the candidate of People Democratic party.

This didn’t not stop the political thugs of the PDP Gubernatorial candidate as he send his political thugs after the parents of late Cordelia,Mr and Mrs Atabujena, who was murdered in his  country home on the 4th April 2013.

On the other hand late Mrs cordelia Atabujena, who told General Charles AIRHAVBERE,that the money given to her was used accordingly for mobilisation and  logistics for party members before, during and after the Election.

I was in my house when I held gun shoot and strange noise in the Home of the disease Mr Atabujena,but after some minutes when the thugs have gone away I went there to check what was happening we find Mr Atabujena and the wife lifeless but before we could rush them  to the near by hospital they was already dead.

According to our sources the incident which happened on 4th April 2013,was as rezult of internal crisis within the PDP over funds in Edo 2012  Election in the state.

Mrs Cordialia Atabujena,is a

prominent female politician who died in police detection after she was arrested in her home,while the parents Mr and Mrs Atabujena,was murdered by rampaging political thugs, after the post-election violence that broke out between rival political factions in Edo state People Democratic party.


Mr and Mrs Atabujena,was on Friday  afternoon killed by the angry political thugs who stormed his home in Uromi, Esan North East Local Government Council in Edo state.


Confirming the incident, the Edo State Police Command Public Relation Officer,  in a press statement, said “On 15/8/2012 at about 1630hrs, one Edwin osadolor,of  Ebhoiyi in Esan North East Local Government Council reported at the Station that, at about  1pmhrs of the same date, there was a misunderstanding between one Nosa Gabriel, 37 years member of PDP in charles Airhiavbere,and one Uyi Simeon, age 42 years,a member of PDP both of Uromi in the process Edwin Osadolor, asked Mrs cordialia Atabujena, to return the money given to her by general Charles Airhiavbere,but  the disease refuse before the threatening that lead to her  Arrest and the killing of her parents by the  angry thugs  suspected from General Charles Airhiavbere Camp.

After the killing of Mr and Mrs  Atabujena was murdered by the political thugs the angry thugs came to the resident of Mrs cordilla again to kill the rest members of the Atabujena family but some of them flee for safety because of feared of been killed by the same political thugs.

The rest Members of the Family of the family manage to escaped,the angry thugs didn’t not only stop at the resident of cordilia Atejuna,they also went to the Mrs Lucky Ahator Atabujena,who was still Member of People Democratic party, who the political thugs in the  camp of General Charles Airhiavbere,  Belive he play significant role in just concluded,on getting to his residence in Uromi Edo state, but he managed to escaped,this incident make the Political thugs who seem walking with the  military bodyguard of PDP Gubernatorial candidate Charles Aribehere, went straight to the brother of Late Cordillia Atabujena, Mr Ehizele Atabujena in search of Mr Lucky Ahator Atabujena, but he was not find there as the angry Thugs beat Mr Ehizele Atabujena, and keep yelling the whereabouts of their target Mrs Lucky Ahator Atajena.

the  uromi Area Command of Nigeria police Urge every residents to do their normal business as sanity will be restore to the area while investigation is on going about the Murdered of Mr And Mrs  Atabujena, and the destruction of Mr Ehizele Atabujena home and General Charles Airhiavbere properties in Uromi.





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