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Mobile Networks, Not Banks Are Responsible for N6.98 Compulsory Payment For USSD Services




TRIXX NG reports that more light has been shed on the new payment suddenly enforced on the usage of USSD services by Nigerian banks customers.

Several users were shocked some days ago when they received messages that they will be required to pay N6.98 to be able to use the USSD services especially for money transfer and other services apaer from airtime purchases and data purchases.

This sparked outrage among Nigerians as some didn’t know who exactly to blame between the bank and mobile network providers, however, further diggings have revealed that the mobile networks are the masterminds of this sudden development.

According an official statement, the money being deducted from the account of bank customers will be remitted fully to mobile networks, meaning the banks are not involved in this.

Read the statement below


Please be informed that you are now required to pay a fee of N6.98 to your mobile network provider for every banking transaction carried out on all USSD banking platforms.


This means that when you access any banking service using USSD, a fee of N6.98 will be charged to your bank account, which is in turn remitted in full by your Bank, to your mobile network provider.


Please note that Airtime and Data purchases via USSD are exempt from this charge.

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