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Opinion: Taraba Governor-elect, Dr. Agbu Kefas Is Back!



Agbu Kefas


By Oluwatosin Alex

You may have been curious about the whereabouts of the newly elected Governor of Taraba State, Dr. Agbu Kefas. You have been seeing pictures of his engagements on the internet but have been unable to say exactly where he has been since his victory at the election polls.

Maybe you didn’t even get to see some of his engagements due to your inability to follow current affairs but you have been probing the whereabouts of His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas. Well, Let me be the first to inform you that the ‘star boy’ of Nigerian politics is back home.

His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas, has arrived in Taraba state in preparation for the much-anticipated inauguration on Monday, 29th Of May, 2023.

For several weeks, Dr. Agbu Kefas wasn’t in Taraba state but traveled across the country and overseas for the benefit of the good people of Taraba state. He began his journey a few days after uniting with the opposition parties in the state for progress’ sake. He understands that for Taraba state to move forward, all hands must be on deck beyond political affiliations.

Shortly after the successful reconciliation moves, Dr. Agbu Kefas embarked on meetings with investors for the development of Taraba state. In his meetings, He reached agreements with local and foreign investors willing to commit themselves for the sake of Taraba state after His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas opened their eyes to the several opportunities unexplored in the state.

Dr. Agbu Kefas has been consistent and intentional with his plans for Taraba State. He has maintained that Education, Youth, and women empowerment, economy and job creation, healthcare, security, peace, and unity, are his watchword and so far, He has met with stakeholders in these sectors to ensure a smooth run in governance.

Apart from meeting investors and stakeholders, Governor-elect, Agbu Kefas has gone far and wide in search of quality and efficient personalities to be part of his administration. Unlike the traditional way of running governance, Dr. Agbu Kefas will be involving opposition parties, non-indigenes of Taraba state, indigenes of Taraba state, PDP members, Christians, and Muslims, in his administration. No doubt, Dr. Agbu Kefas is coming to change the trajectory of Nigerian politics.

To show his preparedness, Dr. Agbu Kefas has collated names of his commissioners, aides, and everyone that will be in his cabinet, and the requirements for selection include but are not limited to efficiency, hard work, passion for progress, excellent traits, intelligence, to mention but a few.

His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas understands the importance of Prayer in governance. Without God’s involvement, a government can’t succeed and with this understanding, His Excellency rounded off his trips with a spiritual exercise in the Holy Land of Jerusalem for prayer purposes.

After several weeks of planning, His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas is finally back home to begin the real work. Undoubtedly, His Excellency is ready to hit the ground running with the efforts that have been put into preparation. He is also expected to name his commissioners and cabinet members a few days after the inauguration.

Definitely, with Dr. Agbu Kefas, Taraba state is in safe hands.



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