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BREAKING! Top APC Presidential Aspirant Resigns From Party, Withdraws From Race




A former presidential aspirant of the ruling party, Adamu Garba, has announced his resignation from the All Progressive Congress (APC).


Garba, who backed out of the presidential race after raising N83 million, had criticised the party for pegging its presidential forms at N100 million.


He had said it was an attempt to exclude the youth and other qualified people from the race.


Garba had said his decision not to obtain APC presidential forms followed due consultation with his campaign team.


Read full statement below.



I write to formally notify you of my intention to resign my membership in the All Progressive Congress (APC).


My resignation was due to the fact that APC as a party has lost its moral bearing and has taken to some exclusionary practices which are against standard democratic tenets.


More importantly, as a young man, who believes in the future of Nigeria and had high hopes in APC before now, I cannot continue to retain membership of a party that favors money beyond competency, vested interest beyond common interest, chronic elitism beyond public good, politics of exclusion beyond inclusion.


I do not, in all honesty, sincerely and with consciousness believe that any young man in Nigeria has a future or model worthy of emulation for the benefit of the Nigeria in APC, I believe the party has drifted so much from the original beliefs of its foundation to a something more cynical, undemocratic institution.


I further believed that the party has failed in its promises to deliver public good over the years, betrayed the public trust, and has turned out to be doing much worse than what we fought so hard to dethrone in the then PDP government. Worst is the issue of internal security that the party paid more attention to propaganda media statements that listening to the yearning of the people.


Moreover, the party seems to encourage its enemies than its friends, favors its adversaries than its loyalist, hates the prospect of the new generation of leaders beyond just youth leadership seats, and has no credible, practicable plans for the future of Nigeria as we get into the heart of the turbulence of the 21st century.


Attached to this letter is a copy of my APC membership slip.

As I chart a new path for what I believe is best for Nigeria, I pray that APC will, over time recover its lost soul.


Thank you

Adamu Garba II


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